Įsimintiniausios socialinės reklamos (2016, birželis)

Įsimintiniausios socialinės reklamos (2016, birželis)

Ne visos praėjusio mėnesio reklamos patenka į šį sąrašą – juk nėdėsi čia Keira Knightley sakančios #DontFuckMyFuture, kai žinai, kuo baigėsi Brexit. Iš mažiau įspūdingų pristatymų šį mėnesį, norisi atkreipti dėmesį į http://bigdatatakedown.com/ – puiki įžvalga, kaip „lygioj vietoj“ kiekvienas lindintis internete gali prisidėti prie švaresnio pasaulio.

Pink Ribbon: Check it before it’s removed

Ministry of Transportation: #putdownthephone

Action Earth Global: Big data takedown | http://bigdatatakedown.com/

Canadian Men’s Health Foundation: Easy Health Tips

American Academy of Dermatology: Looking good

ALS League Belgium: 2nd Hand

In collaboration with “2dehands.be” a web-shop was established where patients can offer to sell their personal belongings in favour of research into ALS. From this action, it is immediately obvious how horrible this disease really is: somebody offers e.g. his toolbox, another patient his home care bed. These patients keep on fighting ALS, although they themselves might have already passed away.

You can, as a consumer, support this action by purchasing items from the shop, or you can also sell belongings yourself to the benefit of ALS research. Straightforward instructions can be found on www.2dehandsvoorALS.be (web-site only available in Dutch).

Greenpeace: Ludovico Einaudi – „Elegy for the Arctic“

Greenpeace: Small Thing

CUCAIBA: Donor cars

Fundația Renașterea: Brave cut

Make Love Not Scars: Perfect red lips

Refugees International Japan: Burnt doll

momondo: The DNA Journey

Mollie’s Fund: Mr. Sun

Fundación Telefónica: A call to indifference

30 Millions D’Amis Foundation: Do not abandon

Brisa: Impact class

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